Renowned Photographer Joe McNally Joins the CreativeLive Family for a Class on Light, Logistics and Longevity in Photography

Learn Personally from Legendary Photographer Joe McNally

On Wednesday, April 5, photography icon and industry veteran Joe McNally will join online learning leader CreativeLive for a free live broadcast of a three-day course, Lighting, Logistics and Strategies for a Life in Photography.

On Wednesday, April 5, photography icon and industry veteran Joe McNally will join online learning leader CreativeLive for a free live broadcast of a three-day course, Lighting, Logistics and Strategies for a Life in Photography.

McNally managed to make the transition from journalism to commercial work to portraits and back again over the span of an impressive 30-year career working for names like LIFE, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and advertisers like FedEx, Nikon and Epson. His ability to work unbound to a single sub-genre led to him to assignments in over 60 countries. During the three-day class, broadcast online April 5 through 7 from a Seattle studio, McNally will explore strategies for building longevity into a photography career, from tools to strategy.

"Joe is an absolute legend and a masterful teacher. He's as wise, humble and thoughtful as he is talented, and this class is the best way for anyone - from beginners to experienced pros - to absorb what he's learned from a lifetime of taking pictures."

Chase Jarvis, Founder and CEO, CreativeLive

The 25+ lesson class begins with what McNally says is an essential tool to demanding attention in a visually tired world: light. “The world doesn't line up for photographers. We have to, oftentimes, go in and just wrestle something to the ground,” McNally says. “One of the ways we do it is with good command of our tools, and I think, principally, light is among those tools.”

Along with in-class discussions on light, lighting tools and lighting styles, the class will also feature six live shoots, giving students behind-the-scenes insight into troubleshooting and orchestrating large projects, from editorial work to the dreaded group portrait. Two of those live shoots will be on location at Seattle restaurants to share the complexities of working on site with a client. McNally walks students through the process from assessing the location to working in post production. Live viewers can also upload student work for a potential critique near the conclusion on the class.

In between insight into lighting and tools for maneuvering common hurdles, McNally also turns legal jargon into simple business skills on managing security, licensing and rights as a photographer. McNally will be joined by his studio team, including producer Lynn DelMastro, to share insight into contracts from first-hand experience.

While McNally is a celebrity among the photography community, he continues to share the tricks and insight that drives his success, from landing gateway projects to creating lighting styles, as he joins the CreativeLive team for the first time. “I've always been of the opinion that this is a pass-it-along industry,” he says. “Certainly, there are photographers out there who keep secrets violently. That's fine. I'm not one of them…CreativeLive is a wonderful platform to reach lots and lots of folks; so, I'm hoping that this has a certain scale that I can't achieve in my own studio in front of ten folks.”

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