CreativeLive Invites Photographers and Graphic Artists to Advance Their Photoshop® Prowess With 42 Workshops During Photoshop® Week 2017

Beginning May 15th, online education leader CreativeLive will broadcast a free, 42-class event on the software programs used by over 90 percent of creative professionals: Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom®. Photoshop® Week 2017 is slated to include 42 workshops from 16 world-class instructors, broadcast from CreativeLive's Seattle studios over the course of six days, May 15-20.

CreativeLive's annual Photoshop® Week covers the gamut of the industry-standard software as well as several Adobe® Lightroom® topics, from basic retouching for new photographers to advanced 3D editing techniques for graphic artists. The classes explore industry standard techniques such as portrait retouching using frequency separation and composite blending techniques. Along with leading viewers through time-honored methods, several classes explore the software's latest features, like the new Face Aware Liquify tool, and the newest trends in the industry, like retouching drone photos. Highlighted classes also include Exploring Low Key Portraiture, Adding Revenue Streams with Adobe Stock and the Creative Application of Color in Post Processing.

Each class will be led by one of 16 world-class instructors, mixing an in-depth understanding of the software with fun, relatable teaching styles. The instructors include Lindsay Adler, one of CreativeLive's most popular instructors and a respected fashion and beauty photographer; Corey Barker, a designer and teacher who started all the way back in Photoshop 2.0; Serge Ramelli, fine art photographer and YouTube star; Matt Kloskowski, a Photoshop® and Lightroom® mentor that has also authored over 15 books on photo editing; Chris Knight, a Pratt Institute instructor and photographer; Jared Platt, a veteran CreativeLive instructor and a well-known wedding and portrait photographer; and Pratik Naik, a well-known, high-end retoucher.

Every year, Photoshop® Week helps students enhance their images, take advantage of new tools and speed up their photo editing workflow while honing their overall Photoshop® prowess. All the classes are free to watch during the live broadcast through CreativeLive's online portal and iOS app. Viewers can purchase all 42 classes during the live event for $299, a 76 percent discount over purchasing the individual classes.

Visit CreativeLive to stream Photoshop® Week for free on May 15-20 or purchase the course for anytime access.

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